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Westside Medical's Pre-Operative Cardiac Clearance:
Comprehensive Examinations with Solutions

PROBLEM: Unforeseen Perioperative Cardiovascular Complications

As more and more complex procedures are performed in the outpatient and inpatient setting on patients in their 50’s, 60’s, and older, the risk of perioperative cardiac complication increases. The physiologic stress of surgery can lead to new manifestations of cardiovascular disease including myocardial infarction, acute coronary syndromes, and arrhythmias.This potential risk is not likely to be picked up on a pre-op ECG or chest x-ray and the conventional “medical clearance” evaluation; may lead to a poor surgical/procedural outcome and subsequent medical-legal litigation.

SOLUTION: Pre-Operative Cardiac Clearance

At Westside Medical Associates of Los Angeles and Westside Medical Imaging, we have developed a menu of Pre-Operative Cardiac Clearance services to match differnent patient needs and produce an accurate and timely assessment of your patient’s cardiovascular risk.


We have the ability to arrange the Pre-Operative Cardiac Clearance with as little notice as one phone call and have the results transmitted to your office within hours of completion.

Our staff is available to assist with the insurance authorization process. The Pre-Operative Cardiac
Clearance can be performed in short order once insurance authorization is obtained, minimizing any effect on scheduling your patient.

In addition to our comprehensive cardiology consultations, we offer technological innovations including:

  • Full array of cardiac stress testing (treadmill and pharmacologic) performed with nuclear imaging (PET or SPECT), MRI or echocardiography
  • 64-Slice Cardiac Computerized Tomography
    Angiography, allowing for non-invasive and accurate imaging of the coronary arteries; particularly suitable for patients who many not be candidates for stress testing or who have symptoms that may be suggestive of cardiac or pulmonary disease.
  • The 3Tesla Cardiac MR is the Gold Standard for assessing ventricular and valvular function.
  • Holter arrhythmia monitoring
  • Echocardiography

Patients Requiring Pre-Operative Cardiac Clearance

  • All patients undergoing plastic surgery (Donda West Law)
  • Patients with complex medical history
  • Patients with history of heart disease including CABG, coronary stents, peripheral arterial or vascular disease, CVA, stroke, previous MI
  • Patients with co-morbidities including hypertension, obesity, diabetes, COPD, sleep apnea, dyslipidemia
  • Patients with history of cardiac complications with anesthesia
  • Patients undergoing complex, high-risk surgical procedures

Diagnostic Services

  • Cardiology consultation
  • Holter
  • ECG interpretation
  • Echocardiography

State-of-the-Art Technology

Stress Testing - • Adenosine MRI
• Adenosine PET
• Adenosine/Stress Cardiolite (SPECT)
• Stress Echocardiogram
Cardiac CT (64-Slice) - • Non-invasive coronary angiography
• Ventricular function
• Valvular function
3Tesla MRI - • Myocardial viability
• Ventricular function
• Valvular function
• Congenital heart disease

Norman Lepor

Received his medical degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and completed his residency and cardiology fellowship at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He is triple boarded in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, and interventional cardiology, and a Clinical Professor of Medicine at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.


Dr. Lepor established his cardiovascular practice in 1988 as an attending at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He is a recognized authority in the medical and interventional treatment of coronary artery disease, heart failure and noninvasive cardiovascular imaging. He is certified by the Society for Cardiovascular CT.

Hooman Madyoon

Is an attending interventional cardiologist at the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute. He is triple board-certified in interventional cardiology, cardiovascular disease, and internal medicine, and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

Dr. Madyoon's current interests and expertise are in the performance of complex cardiac and vascular interventions including angioplasty, stenting, directional, rotational, and laser atherectomy. The findings related to his most recent research activities in early detection and treatment of atherosclerosis have been presented in scientific sessions of the American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology, and Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics.

Our Commitment to You and Your Patients

We are committed to collaborating with our referring physicians in the development of personalized evaluation protocols using the American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology Guidelines for Perioperative Cardiovascular Evaluation for Noncardiac Surgery as a guide.

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