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Personalized Health Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my flexible spending accounts or medical saving account for WMALA Personalized Health Program? Your flexible spending account can be applied for the retainer fee charged for our WMALA Personalized Health Program. In addition you can apply your Medical spending account and/or flexible spending account towards screening diagnostic testing, 24 hour access and many more services which are normally not covered by your insurance plan.

If I have No medical Insurance can I still enroll into the program?  The answer is Yes, All services will be considered as out of pocket expenses.

Is the WMALA Personalized Health Program right for me? If you have a busy lifestyle, value your health and short on time, then the answer is yes! WMALA Personalized Health Program places an emphasis on the doctor's availability to you and the delivery of the highest standards of care available.

Can I schedule same day doctor appointments with my Physician? Yes. You can schedule same day doctor appointments, as well as following day or night appointments with your WMALA Personalized Health Program.

How does my insurance work if I become a member of a WMALA Personalized Health Program? Most PPOs and other health insurance plans are compatible with WMALA Personalized Health Program Enrollment and we will be happy to discuss your specific health insurance plan with you.

What are my payment options? The fees for our WMALA Personalized Health Program may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. For patients interested in a payment plan, you may pay for the retainer based medical services with your American Express, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover Card.

What happens when my Doctor is on vacation or otherwise unavailable? Whenever unavailable, your personalized health program physician will arrange for you the same level of Care that you have become accustomed to receiving.

So, should you join the WMALA Personalized Health program?  How important is my health? If it’s high on the list of things that matter in your life - like job and family, and if you want to live your life to the fullest and minimize your risk of future illness as much as possible, and if you want to really sit down with your doctor and discuss things that are of vital importance to you without being rushed, this is the practice for you.

How do I join and What are the associated fees for enrollment? WMALA Personalized Health Program requires substantial financial commitment on part of the patient. WMALA Personalized Health Program takes the doctor-patient relationship to a new personalized level, providing comprehensive benefits for all involved.

Once accepted you will have the option to pay for your enrollment in one of the following ways:

A - Monthly installments $1,500.00 per month (due and payable on the 29th day of each calendar month for services rendered for the next calendar month)
B - Four Installments $3,750.00 at the beginning of each quarter 
C - Two installments $7,500.00 
D - One lump sum $15,000.00

WMALA will continue to accept your current health insurance to ensure that we will be able to cover any extensive diagnostic test or unexpected hospital services.

The WMALA Personalized Health Program enrollment process is easy -- click here to start your enrollment process >>



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