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Unleash the Power of Nutrition

Vicki Nussbaum, Certified Nutritionist

People who work with a nutritionist are more likely to achieve their goals and maintain their results. Combining healthy eating and regular exercise yields superior results.

• Lose Weight
• Improve Your Cholesterol
• Lower Your Blood Pressure
• Manage Your Blood Sugar
• Have More Energy

Over 80% of patients who seek and follow a nutritionist’s advice lose weight, lower their LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, raise their HDL cholesterol and maintain these results for years.*

*Source: American Journal of Cardiology, 2007

What we do to help you

  • Develop customized nutrition plans designed just for you.
  • Monitor and support your progress.
  • Share recipes and cooking guidelines.
  • Identify ways to order at restaurants without compromising your health.
  • Discover foods that taste good, make you full and meet your nutritional needs.
  • Help with menu planning.
  • Visit your home and rid your pantry, refrigerator and freezer of poor choices and suggest satisfying and healthier alternatives.

We will help you achieve your goals.

We are different. We listen to you and develop solutions to match your needs, tastes and lifestyle. You will receive personalized support. No generic solutions – everything is customized to ensure your success.

We provide nutrition advice that is practical and easy to implement. The key is to learn what works for your body so you not only lose weight, but keep it off.

We will help you make better choices.

Most “multigrain” breads contain more white flour than whole grains. This bread has as little as two grams of fiber in two slices. A better choice would be 100% whole wheat bread which contains six grams of fiber in the same two slices.

A turkey sandwich is an excellent choice for lunch. But watch out -- simply adding cheese and mayonnaise adds 300 calories and loads of saturated fat. Instead, add avocado slices which provide healthy fat along with fresh vegetables.

Rarely order a burger and fries? Good decision. A typical restaurant hamburger and fries have over 1,000 calories. Yet choosing a healthier option isn't always obvious. A chicken caesar salad from a restaurant can contain over 800 calories!

Now is the time to seek professional nutrition help to improve your health!

Vicki Nussbaum, C.N., B.S.E.

Whole New Start, Inc.
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Appointments: (310) 289-9955

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Email: wholenewstart@aol.com

Knowledge leads to better choices.


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