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The Westside Medical Associates of Los Angeles is committed to provide you with the highest quality cardiovascular service to you, our patient.

Our accepting the reduced rate schedule paid by insurance plans and Medicare and performing the billing service is done as a service to you. The quid pro quo for this is that billing issues are taken care of by patients in a timely fashion.

As a service to our patients and one that is quite costly for us to provide, we do bill your insurance carrier for the services provided at our office.  We expect co-pays to be paid at the time of service.  It is our expectation that monies owed to the practice will be paid within 30-days of the initial billing cycle. 

If accounts are not paid in full within 60-days, a finance charge of 1.5% per month will be assessed.  Accounts that are over 120 days past due may be sent over to collection companies for service.  A final collection letter will be sent to the most recent contact information in your chart by certified mail.  If arrangements are not made to deal with the account balance within 10 business days of receipt of that letter, your account will likely be sent to a collection agency. We understand that special circumstances may occur that demand special attention, but these must be brought to the attention of the billing office before the physician interaction or testing service and not after.

To make it more convenient for payment of account balances, we do accept most major credit cards, checks and cash.  If there is a balance on your account, we do expect that it be taken care of expeditiously to avoid interest payments and collection actions.  A 1.5% monthly interest charge will be assessed on all balances that are over 60 days old.

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